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Possessing upholstery is uplifting. However, one has to be more careful because there are risks involved when considering upholstery. Not hiring a professional can potentially ruin your piece of upholstery. In fact certain materials, like leather and suede, are irreparable when ruined. To avoid serious damage to your investments, call Custom Craft Upholstery, our professional will provide quality services to help. We have the expertise necessary to handle any types of fabric. We specialize in furniture upholstery, but we are capable providing auto and marine upholstery. A lot of our clients are usually surprised with the line-up of materials and products that we have in our upholstery shop. Our fabrics are made of high quality materials that last a long time, this is most important for auto upholstery since you are constantly getting in and out of your vehicle.

Allow us to take care of all of your upholstery by calling Custom Craft Upholstery in Albuquerque, NM today. We will be more than happy to help you!

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